We are a Nation of Criminals.

Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere; so if you want peace then come on and work for Justice.

PHILOSOPHY—unfortunately, you may have experienced injustice from law enforcement. In this situation, when law and morality contradict each other, the citizen has the cruel alternative of either losing his moral sense or losing his respect for the law. If this happens, and depending on the facts, our law creates another option—it allows up to a suppression of the alleged evidence against you and the dismissal of your case; this prevents the dilemma.

HISTORY—has demonstrated that this is the only effective remedy for when Police and Other Government Agencies breaks the law(s) while searching you, seizing you, or violating certain other Constitutional rights. This remedy is important because it helps keep the good guys good; it prevents law enforcement from becoming Organized Crime, which is a greater threat than individual Crime.

In order to preserve justice in our society, your rights must be aggressively defended because injustice from police misconduct is a threat to justice everywhere.

It’s a dilemma that our leaders always think opposite to what our people think. Inspite of being aware of ground realities they always ignore it.

When there is a need of commando action, our leaders prefer to waste time in negotiations. Negotiations with whom? With terrorists? With people having no logic / lawgic?

With people killing innocent children? With people who kill commandos of armed forces of Islamic country?

68 years of slavery under corrupts!!!

We the followers of colonial laws (British Laws) are proudly celebrating our 68th Independence Day. But unfortunately we are still slave of corrupts whose roots are connected with colonial leeches sucking blood of honest Pakistanis. This shameless law supports corruption and corrupts. All Political parties are in same board when it comes to their interest. A revolution is a demand of time. General Raheel Sharif is a hope for the underprivileged, empty stomach and people born in claws of debts. Pakistanis are looking to see 5000 corrupts to be hanging in Public. May we celebrate our next Independence Day on the graves of Corrupts?

Our weak colonial laws are made to protect corrupts if so found guilty corrupts should be hang in public and their families should be sent to Edhi center after confiscation of their properties in their name and in the name of their families.

"We will not submit to this injustice; not merely because it is destroying us, but because it is destroying you as well."

Inamullah Ansari +923332244634 / +923002176393.
Advocate & Criminological Interventionist | Arbitrator