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The Renovation
After 26 years of practicing law in Karachi, I was driven to create the first Mobile Law Chamber in Karachi, focusing on Consumer Protection, Bankruptcy, Asset Protection, Wills & Trusts including other essential areas of law.

This drive stems from the fact that most people equate the term lawyer or legal assistance with Expensive Hourly / Fixed Fees & Costs; Unpredictability of Total Cost & Outcome; Intimidation & Confusion about the Legal Issues, Processes; Stress, Anxiety of Litigation & the Impersonal &/or unprofessional treatment with past legal issues.

“As a result, countless individuals ignore or avoid legal confrontations that lead to such things as default judgments from debt collectors, property liens, incorrect & harmful errors on credit reports that cause higher interest rates or a decline on loans or employment, or being stuck with a defective automobile, appliance or other expensive goods or services”.

In short, The Mobile Law Chamber was created to alleviate the high cost & mystery of obtaining high-quality & professional legal services to enforce your legal rights, protect your assets & obtain the best outcome possible.

Towards this end, we offer extremely low consulting fees & low flat fees on a variety of legal services. Moreover, you get to decide if you want full representation or you want to represent yourself but desire the benefit of a lawyer with 26 years of experience &/or document preparation by a certified & licensed paralegal.

It’s our goal to be accessible, inviting, provide outstanding & prompt services with the highest level of professionalism. This may be self-evident from the selection of the careful attention to detail to create just the right environment with our Mobile Law Chamber, to the level of detail in our intake forms to the use of Skype and other modes of communication.

The Mobile Law Chamber Team is confident this will be the best legal trip you’ve ever taken. Please come along for the ride…

From Bricks to… Wheels Local Lawyer Starts a Revolution!
The Karachi Lawyers & Corporate Counselors has brought a whole new spin to practicing law. Attorney Lawyer Inamullah Ansari Advocate High Court travels throughout Karachi & bringing the law to where people need it. Attorney Lawyer Inamullah Ansari Advocate High Court wanted to help people & always respected the inconvenience of others trying to fit into a schedule!

Once the idea was decided on, after weighing the pros & cons of different forms of transportation, we finally decided that the right feel & ambiance he sought.

Attorney Lawyer Inamullah Ansari worked with Innovative Spaces to bring his vision for the interior of the shiny recreational idea to fruition. The lawyers took pains to create an environment that puts his clients at ease. He does not keep framed certificates on the walls that lawyers all seem to love to display & instead of a wall of foreboding law books, he is a scant few almost hidden by his desk. Even the interior color scheme of green, brown & white was borrowed from a 3D studio.

Attorney Lawyer Inamullah Ansari Advocate High Court realized that many people are intimidated by lawyers, the process, even the vernacular, the terminology, the court process; they sometimes get paralysis by analysis. That is to say, a person under litigation can be so overwhelmed with the cost & processes that they do nothing, which often leads to severe consequences.

Flat fees were also designed to make the whole process more accessible to people like students who do not have much of a disposable income. “he wanted to create a way to help all these people that weren’t being helped”. He offers Consulting Sessions for putting people on the right track.. Once he discovers the legal necessities required, he will give a flat fee or he will lay out all the options & let the client handle their own paperwork & procedures.

After more than 23 years of practicing law, Attorney Lawyer Inamullah Ansari realized there was a lack of accessible & affordable legal services for those in need. He noticed a lot of people felt intimidated by anything that had to do with the law & he wanted to address that issue.

“He felt like there was a void of so many people that felt so intimidated by the legal process, lawyers, the language & the cost, that he wanted to create something that made them feel comfortable”.

And so the idea of the Mobile Law Chamber was born. Attorney Lawyer Inamullah Ansari wanted a way to help people in need of legal services throughout Karachi, regardless of their location or income level. He even makes special trips to clients if they can’t come to him.

“Sometimes people are homebound, they don’t have transportation, they can’t leave,” he said. “They can’t come down to our Consulting Chambers & Partners when there’s an opening.”

He practices law from helping people grow their businesses & deal with related issues. Traveling to different areas throughout the month to serve his clients, he gets help from paralegal & interns. The Mobile Law Chamber helps clients assess their legal situations in the sessions.

“They’re in control of their situation, they know they can do one of several things to help to resolve it & they know what’s going to happen if they don’t resolve it,” he said.