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“Permanent Family Retainers — Tackling Your Problems Head On”

Providing Independent Representative Advocacy Services To The Elderly & Vulnerable Either Oppressed Or More Susceptible To Harm Across Karachi / Multan / Lahore / Islamabad.

At Disability Justice Pakistan, we provide legal advocacy and rights protection to a wide range of people with disabilities. This includes assisting individuals with problems such as abuse, neglect, discrimination, access to assistive technology, community integration, voting & rights protection issues. Disability Justice Pakistan also addresses issues through policy advocacy, education, monitoring, due diligence, structured counseling & investigation.

Systemic advocacy is when groups or individuals are working for long-term social change to make sure legislation, policies & practices support the rights & interests of all people with disabilities.

We advise ensuring the extension of special assistance & due care extended maximum assistance & priority to Senior Citizens, disabled & handicapped persons in using their Legal needs as far as possible in meeting their genuine requirements too to alleviate their hardship like opening bank accounts, registering as voters, accessing credit, inheriting, owning property, accessing social protection benefits, data collection, developing linkages with relevant stakeholders, monitoring, reporting & financial management.

Disability Justice Pakistan is an organization that helps adults with disabilities. If you have a disability, like a physical or intellectual disability, one of our staff could help you with any issue you are having.

Our dedicated Disability Justice Pakistan Wing in Human Rights Cell @ Bureau of Bar Counsel who is legally autonomous & its federation included sixteen sovereign republics redressal to fraud, illegal possession & delays in disposal of pending Court Cases like!
• Arrests of accused
• Defraud by land mafia
• Lack of quality professional legal advice;
• Frauds in the plots/land purchased by them;
• Inability to pursue their matters from abroad, etc.
• Criminological Interventions in lieu of Convictions;
• Inordinate delay in decisions of cases pending in courts;
• Illegal possession of their properties in Pakistan or such threats;
• Structured Criminological Interventions on Gang-rape An Injustice of Silence!
• Organized/Inter-Provincial/White Collar, Blue Collar, No Collar @ All Crimes @ Provinces Level.
• Deportees had been languishing asserted that for non-preparation of documentation for Deportation.
• Anti-Money Laundering/Combating the Financing of Terrorism / Counter-Terrorist Financing (AML/CFT).
• Marriage — A mast for Marital rape also called spousal rape, as non-consensual sex An Unacknowledged Crime — A violation of Human Rights is a widespread problem.

Disability Justice Pakistan is a Joint Venture Project of Mental Health Pakistan & Khair For Families Australia; A Family Office Advisory Firm serving Ultra-High Net Worth Families used to Engage Directly with Families Seeking to Protect & Pass On their Education, Health & Wealth While Providing the Support & Control they need to manage their domestic matters like Appeals / CNIC Cancellation / Death Certificate / Child Registration Certificate (CRC) / Family Registration Certificate (FRC) / Arbitration Council / Online & Court Marriage / Marriage Registration Certificate / Divorce Deeds / Unmarried Certificates / Succession / Heirship / Wills / Estate Planning / Consulates Affairs / High Commissions / Diplomatic Embassies / Small Claims Courts!

Khair For Families aims for social improvement through education with their visionary efforts, KFF not only provides better education opportunities but also helps improve the quality of life multifold.

Khair For Families’ objective is to promote women’s social and economic empowerment through safe humanitarian situations, dignified access to livelihood opportunities, information, resources & social services.

Khair For Families offers comprehensive emergency rehabilitation services such as supporting health systems, environmental health, education, child, women services & livelihoods.