Corporate Law

What services do you offer for businesses?
>> Our firm provides a wide range of services for businesses, including:
>> Formation and registration of companies
>> Corporate governance and compliance
>> Contract drafting and review
>> Mergers and acquisitions
>> Intellectual property protection
>> Employment law matters

How can you assist with corporate litigation?
>> Our experienced corporate litigation attorneys can represent your business in various legal disputes, such as contract disputes, shareholder disputes, breach of fiduciary duty claims, and more. We strive to protect your interests and seek favorable outcomes through negotiation, mediation, or litigation when necessary.

Employment Law

What employee rights should I be aware of?
>> As an employee, you have various rights, including:
>> Protection against discrimination and harassment
>> Fair compensation and benefits
>> Safe and healthy working conditions
>> Right to privacy and freedom from unlawful surveillance
>> Protection for whistleblowers

Can you help with drafting employment contracts and policies?
>> Absolutely. Our employment law attorneys can assist you in drafting and reviewing employment contracts, non-disclosure agreements, non-compete agreements, employee handbooks, and other related policies. We ensure that your legal documents are comprehensive, compliant with labor laws, and protect your rights as an employer.

Real Estate Law

What services do you offer for real estate transactions?
>> Our real estate attorneys provide comprehensive services for real estate transactions, including:
>> Property purchase and sale agreements
>> Title searches and examinations
>> Lease agreements and negotiations
>> Due diligence investigations
>> Real estate financing and mortgages
>> Landlord-tenant matters

What should I do if I encounter a real estate dispute?
>> If you are facing a real estate dispute, such as boundary disputes, contract disputes, or landlord-tenant conflicts, our real estate litigation attorneys can represent your interests. We aim to resolve disputes efficiently through negotiation or mediation, but we are prepared to litigate when necessary to protect your rights.