Mental Health Illnesses, Substance Abuse & Addiction

Mr. Ansari takes great pride in his concern and dedication to the effective representation of mentally impaired and mentally ill clients. In addition, Mr. Ansari takes an active role in the rehabilitative efforts and programs for clients addicted to drugs, alcohol, sex, gambling, etc. Mr. Ansari is proud of his last fifteen [15] years during which time he has represented numerous clients before the Psychiatric Security Review Board, which adjudicates clients who have been hospitalized at the Karachi Hospitals due to their guilty but insane pleas. Mr. Ansari works with these clients so that they may eventually return to a normal social life.

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Mental health, substance abuse, and addiction issues often further complicate an already emotional family law dispute. Karachi families dealing with divorce, child custody, or child support issues alongside mental health, substance abuse, or addictions can turn to our law firm. We have significant experience helping families when mental health disorders and drug or substance abuse become relevant issues.

For answers to your family law and mental health, substance abuse, or addiction questions, call us to schedule a consultation. All of our discussions will be entirely confidential, and we will be discreet about all issues discussed during our consultation.

Mental Health Disorders & Addictions

There are no easy answers for families dealing with mental health, substance abuse, or addiction problems. It is most important to keep all family members safe. Whether you are concerned about the safety of a child or want advice about spousal abuse, we are here to listen and help.

Our attorneys have determined that guidance during a family law issue regularly uncovers a serious mental health disorder, such as depression or bipolar disorder. The diagnosis of these mental illnesses, once treated, may allow the parties to quickly resolve the underlying family law issue. We are trained trial attorneys equipped to handle complex issues.

When you are looking for a law firm to assist with your divorce or child custody dispute, you want a firm with knowledge of the very best treatment options in the nation. It is important that your attorney is able to address the complexities of mental health, substance abuse, and addictions.

Our lawyers know how to litigate family law issues that are complicated by mental health disorders and addictions. We understand the mental health system and know how to properly deal with these issues in court proceedings, such as discovery and witness testimony. Medical experts, psychologists, and other experts are often used to help bolster an argument for the case. We are familiar with highly qualified experts who can assist in cases involving mental health illnesses, substance abuse, and addiction.

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